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Epic Rides sells a good day on the bike; weekend warriors, youth cyclists, top-level pros, friends, and family drop their nine-to-five and travel in droves to our mountain bike festivals packed with emotion and ready for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Featuring interactive exhibits, live entertainment, product samplings, and the latest in the Mountain Bike Industry, our Bike & Gear Expos are a highlight of the event weekends. Each event’s expo is free and open to the public, and home to the Rider Packet Pick-Up for all participants.



24 Hours in the Old Pueblo2,000
Whiskey Off-Road + Concerts2,250
Tour of the White Mountains1,250

Total Attendance over 3+ days

24 Hours in the Old Pueblo4,000
Whiskey Off-Road + Concerts30,000
Tour of the White Mountains3,000

Epic Rides hosts three, internationally-recognized, endurance mountain bike events annually to help you get your brand and product in front of mountain bike-minded people. Each with a well-executed, multi-media ad campaign. Ready to join? Reserve your booth below or reach out for more details.

Ready to join? 

Have a question about becoming an Expo Vendor? Contact Epic Rides at [email protected]


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