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Epic Rides is a passionate group of individuals who care about sharing the outdoors from the saddle of a bike. We want as many people to ride bikes in this world as possible. Whether it’s to go to the store, to drop the kids at school, or to pursue fresh air and adventure trailside, we know a bike ride (no matter how long) does wonders for the soul.

Our events are a platform for personal achievement, camaraderie, and life-driving motivation. We believe in the pursuit of happiness, and we take pride in being a soul-satisfying delivery mechanism.

At Epic Rides, we believe that every ride should be just as exciting as the first one. That’s why each of our events is more than just an event. It’s a celebration of the bicycle, the outdoors, and the individuals and organizations who make the mountain biking community the coolest group of people on the planet. World champions, up-and-comers, weekend warriors, first-timers, kids on BMX bikes, people in gorilla suits being chased by people in banana suits – you’ll find them all at Epic Rides events.


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