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Pick up one piece of trash each time you’re on a trail 

In a world littered with questionable altruism, the One Piece Alliance is a mindful attempt at giving humanity Pac-man sized opportunities to redeem itself.

Call it trail karma or an excuse to take a pause and appreciate nature. The One Piece Alliance requests each individual to pick up one piece of trash each time they go on the trail.

Why? Because when we spend time outdoors, we can accidently leave a trace of our presence behind. Let’s not leave future generations a bigger mess to clean up than they already have.

Not a non-profit, not a campaign, not a club…if anything, it’s a proverb.

Just one piece…we’re not asking you to fill a trash bag at your local trailhead (although we wouldn’t argue if you did).

Now…stop reading…go ride…and while you’re out there, grab one piece of trash, and join the #onepiecealliance.

Thanks for taking the time, 

The Crew at Epic Rides featuring Mother Nature 


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