February 18 - 20, 2022 Tucson, AZ

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Rider FAQ

Registering an Incomplete Team

If the team roster is not quite complete, the captain can still register the team by placing “Rider, Two, Rider three, etc.” for names and use the captain’s DOB and use the e-mail address “[email protected]” in the Rider Details section. When the team captain is ready to finalize the roster, log into the Epic Rides account and select Edit Your 24 HOP Team.

Attendance Cap

Total attendance will be reduced from ~4,000 to ~2,000 in order to decrease the chance of COVID-19 spreading. The more people an individual interacts with at a gathering and the longer that interaction lasts, the higher the potential risk of COVID-19 infection and spreading (CDC Guiding Principle when planning Gatherings/Events).

  • 2021 Registration is reduced to 1,500 riders, 100 dedicated to solo riders.
  • Authorized entry will be limited to registered participants, volunteers, sponsors, and media provided that adherence to our COVID Management Plan is understood and agreed to.
  • Support crews will be limited to 1 person per solo, duo and junior team. This 1 support person will be considered a registered participant for entry into 24 Hour Town. Teams of 4 people or greater will need to rely on each other as crew support.
  • This means, with exception to solo, duos and juniors, no un-registered riders/straight partygoers/random wandering hobos, sorry.

If a team has a non-rider they absolutely want at the venue, we encourage them to sign up as a #24HOP Volunteer.

Pre-Ride Meeting

For the 2021 #24HOP, the Pre-Ride Meeting will be conducted virtually…and, yes, we’ve got something up our sleeve to make it as unique as it is when we celebrate this moment together.

Bike Travel with BikeFlights.com

Epic Rides recommends shipping your bike with BikeFlights.com for an affordable, reliable, and convenient solution.


With a reduction in the population for the 2021 #24HOP, odds of finding a great campsite with plenty of room are in your favor.

Arrival at 24 Hour Town will be staffed beginning Monday of event week. This means a 24 hour staffing from that point forward in order to maintain our safe COVID-era event experience.

Come & go access will not be permitted to maintain the integrity of our safe COVID-era event experience. Once you’ve arrived at 24 Hour Town, please plan to stay.

The trend of dropping off a trailer, taping off a campsite, or laying down tarps to save a spot prior to Monday will not be permitted. Furthermore, any tape or tarps unrelated to official #24HOP event production will be removed on Monday.

Bring plenty of firewood to burn in a Chiminea. Pro tip: we highly suggest using a propane fire pit to reduce campfire smoke in 24 Hour Town, plus no hot coals to dispose of when the event has ended.

Visit our accommodations page for more camping information.


Remember, you’re going to a mountain bike race in the desert –you need water.

The water provided by Epic Rides is only intended to supplement hydration for participants. It is not intended for cleaning bikes. If you desire a clean bike for each lap of the event please bring sufficient water for you to feed your inner cleanliness-desires.


Stay tuned for the listing of food vendors to fulfill your hunger and caffeinated desires.

Clothing For All Conditions

Good conditions – daytime highs: 76 degrees / Night time lows: 43 degrees. Bring sunscreen.

Bad conditions – daytime highs: 55 degrees / Night time lows: 31 degrees. Bring rain gear, heavy jacket and comfortable gloves.

Please remember to bring a mask.

Lights & Chargers

Epic Rides provides a neutral charging station inside the exchange tent. Please pick up your battery before noon on Sunday.

Don’t forget to mark both your batteries, charger, and GPS/bike computers with your name and phone number so they can be returned if accidentally left behind or dropped on the course. 

Pre-Riding The Course

A pre-ride is the best ways to assure a safe good time at the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo.

All people pre-riding the course are required to have an Arizona State Land Department recreational use permit (Individual: $15/ year, Family: $20/year) and can be facilitated online.

Note, AZSLD recreational use permits are not required during event weekend because all event attendees are considered part of the event and fall under the events Special Land Use Permit.

Bike Parts & Accessories

Official Bike Shop, Bicycle Ranch Tucson, and industry vendors will be on-site to assist with all bike needs.

Showers & Hand Washing Stations

Showers will not be available for the 2021 #24HOP event. There will be extra hand washing stations available near the porta-potties and in the Bike & Gear Expo.

Can I Bring My Dog?

We at Epic Rides love dogs! Of course you can bring your dog.

HOWEVER, we also realize not all dogs are alike. All dogs MUST be leashed at all times.

A dog found off leash will result in the disqualification of the owner’s team (or team they are associated with) and the request that your party leave town immediately. Sorry to be direct however past experiences have determined this is the best way to approach the K-9 situation. Thank you!

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