Build a Team

Step 1: Determine how much you want to ride and how competitive you want to be (see past results to research lap times and total laps ridden by the various team sizes)

Step 2: Make a list of your riding buddies; we recommend a balance of fast and slow riding buddies as the faster ones tend to be light weights when “hanging around the campfire”…24hop-2015-day-2-631

Step 3: Determine which ones are most likely to muster the goods at 3am, and which ones are most likely be passed out (for whatever reason)…then think if you want to be passed out or hammering laps at 4am. Tiny bubbles…

Now to invite the appropriate group to be on your team…the next step is critical.

Step 4: Email your chosen riding buddies, tell them you have a very important personal matter to discuss and they need to be at your casa one evening this week. They should bring checkbooks and a kind six-pack (emphasize beverage selection, remember, it’s a very important personal matter).

Here’s the thinking behind this move, you’re the one that’s mobilizing the crew. Your noble existence has volunteered you to become the “Team Captain”. In exchange, it’s fair that your teammates each donate at least 3 of their beverages to you as payment. Positive correlation being, bigger team, more work from Team Captain and…of course, more payoff from teammates as a token of appreciation. Follow?

Note: if you have too many riding buddies to narrow the selection down to one team, Epic encourages your spirit of competition. Form two teams and battle it out to determine who prefers campfires over 3am dark-thirty cold laps.

Step 5: Visit, if you are registering via snail mail, print a hard copy of the waiver for each teammate to complete. Once completed, use the information on the waiver to complete your Team registration form. Mail the signed Team Registration form, original waivers, (no copies, e.mails or faxes) and full payment to the address provided. Note deadlines on forms. Processing fees apply to all participants, regardless of the method used to register.

If you will be registering on-line, all you need to know is each teammate’s complete name and current e.mail address. The rest is automated and up to each teammate to follow through for their portion. Pretty sweet, eh?

Step 6: When registering on-line, the Team Captain will immediately receive a confirmation e.mail from Epic Rides. You’re in! It is the Team Captain’s responsibility to forward the confirmation email to the rest of the team. This is a crucial step; the confirmation email contains important information regarding the event.

Snail mail Team Captains will receive an email confirmation as soon as the registration is processed.

Registration is now complete…Stay tuned to the Epic Rides eNews for the next installment of “The 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo Experience”. Next up…the pre-ride.

Note: Waiver reminders are sent out bi-weekly until completed, please recommend that waivers are completed as soon as possible. Don’t slack, late fees will apply when applicable. I’d like a steak sandwich and a steak sandwich please, charge it to the Underhill’s.

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