February 12-14, 2021 Tucson, AZ

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Registration Details

Registration opens October 1st, 2020 at 5am, Old Pueblo Time

Flat-Fee Registration

Epic Rides offers simple Flat-Fee Registration for the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo presented by Tucson Medical Center. The costs below are what you see at checkout. In this case, “flat” is a good thing: no hidden fees, just…a good day on the bike.

What’s Included?

Flat-Fee Registration includes initial registration, taxes, tent camping, and donation. Does not include Late Waivers, Transfers/Modifications, or RV’ Camping.

Category Early Birds
Oct. 1
Right on Time
Oct. 2
6-10 Person Team
per person
per person
5 Person Co-Ed $1,000.00 $1,125.00
4 Person
Male/Female/Co-Ed Singlespeed
$800.00 $900.00
$400.00 $450.00
Junior In Team
18 yrs & younger
$145.00 $170.00
Solo $250.00 $275.00
Junior Solo
18 yrs & younger
$165.00 $190.00

Complete waiver by January 15th and receive a complimentary insanely soft official event T-shirt in addition to an official event poster and goodie bag.

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For step by step registration instructions, visit Build a Team

Ride Tip: Epic Rides highly encourages participants to solidify their team prior to registration in order to avoid reprocessing fees.

Waivers (required from every rider)

Once a team registers, your registration is incomplete until all team members’ waivers have been submitted. Riders have until October 31st to submit a signed waiver without a waiver processing fee.

Waiver Fee Schedule:

$20 Per Rider Nov. 1 – Nov. 30
$45 Per Rider Dec. 1  – Feb. 15

Any outstanding waivers after February 5th must be done in person at packet pickups.

Team Modifications / Rider Swaps

Modifications: Team captains can edit their team name, plus rider email addresses, dates of birth, and gender for no charge.

Rider Swaps require the entry to be re-processed and are subject to a processing fee.  Any change to the name fields will trigger the rider swap protocol.

Rider Swap Fee Schedule:

$10 Per Rider Oct. 1 – Nov. 30
$20 Per Rider Dec. 1  – Feb. 15

Any outstanding modification requests after February 5th must be done in person at packet pickups.

Team expansions (adding one or more riders to an existing team) are not permitted once registration has closed.

Scalping / Transfers / Refunds

Scalping Fee

If none of the original riders remain on a team roster, it is considered scalped and will be subject to the Scalping Fee of $50 flat fee + $20 per rider (all categories).

Solo scalps will be accepted through January 15th / Team scalps will be accepted through February 5th



Team registrations are NON-refundable; however, riders can transfer their entry fees to other riders (rider swap).
As acknowledged by each captain during the registration process, Epic Rides follows a strict non-transferable, non-refundable registration policy.  We do, however, understand “life” happens… The following exceptions will be considered:
  • Debilitating injury or illness (please provide a doctor’s note)
  • Unscheduled military service (please provide a copy of your orders)
  • Death of immediate family member (understanding this is a sensitive situation, Epic Rides will work with you; some sort of verification may be requested)

Event Cancellation Policy

Much like dropping in on a steep rocky descent or committing to ride a distance outside of your comfort zone, risk is inherent in our sport.

The act of registering for an Epic Rides event, although not quite as dangerous as riding your bike, presents risks.

Epic Rides takes great pride in the high level of organization and scenic venues our events utilize. In order to assure each event is up to par with Epic Rides’ expectations, it’s critical we make sure nature is cooperating in the effort to avoid unnecessary impacts on both the rider and the trails.

If an act of God or another event beyond our control occurs, what can event participants expect?

1. Decisions made by Epic Rides will be based on participant safety & environmental impact. Often times these decisions are in the hands of the landowners or agencies through which our events are permitted.

2. If the event is canceled, participants will receive first right to sign up for the following year’s event via early registration.

3. Entry Fee: Epic Rides cannot accept the risk of a canceled event for reasons beyond our control. Participants are respectfully requested to accept the financial risk of their individual entry.

The skinny: Epic Rides does not save any money if you do not participate. Epic Rides needs to pay for all supplies and services associated with the event, regardless of the outcome. These include (but are not limited to) permits, third-party vendors, transport, administrative expenses, and awards.

If you feel further conversation is necessary, we welcome your phone call at 520-623-1584.


A portion of funds raised through the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo benefits Bag It!

Bag It! is a widely successful grassroots project founded in Tucson and established to provide information and education to newly diagnosed individuals with cancer and their families.

Learn more and support Bag It!

Bag It!

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