Fees and Policies

Registration Fees

Registration fees below include a $10 donation toward event fundraising efforts, $5 individual camping fee (does not include RV’s), and if applicable, processing fee.

Cancellation Policy

As a mountain biker, we at Epic Rides are confident you know what it means to take risks. Much like dropping in on a steep rocky descent or committing to ride a distance outside of your comfort zone, the risk is inherent in our sport.

The act of registering for an Epic Rides event, although not quite as dangerous as riding your bike, presents risks.

Epic Rides takes great pride in the high level of organization and scenic venues our events utilize. In order to assure each event is up to par with Epic Rides expectations it’s critical we make sure nature is cooperating in an effort to avoid unnecessary impacts on both the rider and the trails.

If an act of God, or another event beyond our control occurs, what can event participants expect?

  1. Epic Rides’ decisions will be based on participant safety & environmental impact. Often times these decisions are in the hands of the landowners or agencies our events are permitted through.
  2. If the event is canceled, participants will receive first right to sign up for the following years event via early registration.
  3. Entry Fee: Epic Rides cannot accept the risk of a canceled event for reasons beyond our control. Participants are respectfully requested to accept the financial risk of their individual entry.

The what-what: Epic Rides does not save any money if you do not participate. Epic Rides needs to pay for all supplies and services associated with the event, regardless of the outcome. These include (and are not limited to) permits, 3rd party vendors, administrative expenses and awards.

If you feel the further conversation is necessary, we welcome a phone call at 520-623-1584.


A portion of funds raised through the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo benefits Bag It.

Bag It is a widely successful grassroots project founded in Tucson and established to provide information and education to newly diagnosed individuals with cancer and their families.

Waivers, Scalping, Transfers & Modifications

Ride Tip: Epic Rides highly encourages participants to solidify their team prior to registration in order to avoid re-processing fees.

Transfers or modifications to a team (team name, category, classification, roster, etc) require the entry to be re-processed.

Epic Ride’s policy is no refunds for the entry fee, except in the event of an injury prior to the event wherein we will transfer your registration to next year’s event upon provision of a doctor’s note.

Waiver fee

$10 Nov. 1 – Nov. 30
$20 Dec. 1 – Feb. 12

Scalping fee

All categories: $50 flat fee + $20 per rider

If an original team member does not remain on a team roster it is considered scalped and will be subject to the Scalping Fee.

Solos accepted until January 15th / Teams accepted until February 10th


Team registrations are NON-refundable and NON-transferable, however riders can transfer their entry fees to other riders.

To Scalp, Transfer or Modify a registration:

Mail the following items to Epic Rides for both modifications and transfers.

  • A note from the registered rider requesting to transfer or modify an entry. Include registered rider’s name, team name, team captains name, new rider’s name, new team name or any other information for the request to be processed.
  • Snail mail waiver from the new rider.
  • Check made payable to Epic Rides for processing fee(s) amount.

Epic Rides will email all parties to confirm the transfer/modification is complete.

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