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All of us at Epic Rides are passionate about the mountain bike community and organizing events that bring everyone together for a good time.

Our ambitions are above average. We strive to unify the entire off-road cycling community, to recalibrate the public’s understanding of mountain biking, and to inspire anyone with a sense of adventure that they, too, can be a mountain biker.

Employees at Epic Rides receive the following benefits:

If we told you our days at work were as fun as attending the events themselves, we’d be misleading.  We complete a tremendous amount of work in small amounts of time while honing a high level of communication and coordination to assure event participants have a safe, highly organized environment to enjoy – a good day on the bike – and a heck of a party afterward.

We are a small team that thrives on overcoming challenges. Our rewards come from watching the thousands of event attendees enjoy a level of happiness they don’t typically experience in their daily lives.

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