Course & Aid Info

Ride tip: Epic Rides is stoked to provide comprehensive route resources via Gaining an appreciation for the trails that make up the Whiskey Off-Road course or understanding which way to go during a pre-ride has never been easier, thanks to

Following are details for each route offered through the Whiskey Off-Road backcountry mountain bike event.

Epic Rides recommends starting the event with a full hydration pack, two water bottles and sufficient food to fuel your body to get to the first aid station; each aid station is roughly 8 – 14 miles apart.

Please enjoy safely pre-riding the surrounding Thumb Butte Recreation Park trails with caution for other trail users and look out for blind corners.

Whiskey Off-Road 15 Proof

Whiskey Off-Road 30 Proof

Whiskey Off-Road 50 Proof

Aid Stations

There are 3 aid stations on the 50 Proof backcountry course

  1. Copper Basin Aid Station
  2. Skull Valley Aid Station
  3. Copper Basin Aid Station
  • #1 and #3 are the same station – Copper Basin Aid Station
  • Participants are allowed to receive “hand-ups” from their support crew at each aid station, and at the intersection of FR 373/Thumb Butte Circle and Copper Basin Rd (one mile from the top of the Skull Valley climb).
  • Copper Basin aid station support crew are only able to access the Copper Basin aid station (#1 & #3) by driving to the FR 373/Copper Basin intersection and then either walking or pedaling to the aid station location, roughly 2 miles downhill. No vehicles are allowed on the course past FR 373/Copper Basin Thumb Butte Circle intersection.
  • All rider support must travel to and from aid station #2 via Iron Springs Rd.
Aid Station Fare

Each station will be equipped with cookies, oranges and pickles.

Tailwind Nutrition and Honey Stinger waffles will be provided at each aid station.

If a rider prefers a different hydration mix or energy drink, we encourage them to bring their own and mix with the water provided on route.

Plan to start the event with a full hydration pack and plenty of food.