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Course & Aid Info

Aid Station Fare

As the fueling and hydration partner of Epic Rides, Hammer Nutrition is pleased to provide participants with the fuel and hydration accouterments necessary to complete their effort at the Whiskey Off-Road.
Plus, leading up to the event, each registrant will receive a special first-time buyer code for 20% off when purchasing from Hammer Nutrition online and 5 fueling and hydration tips to prepare for success on event day!

Each Aid station on the course is equipped with Hammer Nutrition products (incl. Hammer gel, Heed, endurolites, and Hammer bars) and cookies, pretzels, oranges, and yes, pickles.

If a rider prefers a different hydration mix, we encourage them to bring their own and mix with the water provided on the route.

Each aid station is roughly 1 to 1.5 hrs of effort apart. Please plan to start the event with a full hydration pack and plenty of food to get to Aid 1.

And remember, always thank the volunteers☺


Our wonderful volunteers will staff 5 Aid Stations throughout the weekend.


15 Proof Fun Ride

  1. Aspen Creek Aid Station (at 5.5 miles)
  2. White Rock Aid Station (at 13.5 miles)

25 Proof backcountry course

  1. 4-Way @ Copper Basin Aid Station (at 8 miles)
  2. White Rock Aid Station (at 16 miles)

50 Proof backcountry course

  1. Mike Janelle Memorial Aid Station (at 18 miles)
  2. 4 Way @ Copper Basin Aid Station (at 24 miles)
  3. White Rock Aid Station (at 30 miles)
  4. Spence Basin Aid Station (at 35 miles)



Participants may receive “hand-ups” from their support crews at the following locations:

  • Aspen Creek Aid Station (FRIDAY ONLY): access via Copper Basin Rd. Park beyond/past the Aid Station so that you’re not obstructing the participants.
  • 4-Way @ Copper Basin Aid Station located at the intersection of FR 373/Thumb Butte Rd and Copper Basin Rd (one mile from the top of the Sierra Prieta overlook). Parking will be limited.
  • Mike Janelle Memorial Aid Station: Access by taking Iron Springs Rd into Skull Valley and unto Copper Basin Rd. for approx. 4.5 miles. Do not attempt to access via Prescott side (you will impede the ride/race)
  • White Rock Trailhead Parking Lot: Leave Prescott on Gurley Street toward Thumb Butte and continue on that road as it turns into Thumb Butte Rd. This parking area is about 1.5 miles beyond the Thumb Butte picnic area. The TH is a large gravel lot on the right side of the road. Parking is free.
  • Spence Basin Aid Station: Leave Prescott via Iron Springs Rd. at FS 332. Parking will be very limited at Spence Basin Aid Station. Please do not block right of way for emergency and support vehicle access.
  • Please do not attempt to drive to the discontinued Copper Basin Aid Station located at FR53 and Copper Basin Rd. used in previous event years. You will obstruct the participants.

Friday: Fun Ride support ends at 6:00 pm. If the race director anticipates you may not make this time limit, you may be asked to reroute in the most direct manner to the finish.

Saturday: In order to ensure riders return to the finish before course support (Medical, Traffic, Police, Comm, Volunteers) ends at 4:00 pm, the following cutoff times have been established:

  • 12:50 PM at the 4-way intersection of Copper Basin and Thumb Butte Roads (50 Proof).
  • 1:20 PM at White Rock Trailhead Parking Lot (16-mile point for the 25 Proof, and 31-mile point for the 50 Proof)

Sunday: Pro Category Racers are expected to finish by no later than 1:30p. If the race director anticipates you may not make this time limit, you may be asked to reroute in the most direct manner to the finish.

  • 12:10 PM at the White Rock Trailhead Parking Lot (31-mile point for the 50 Proof Pro Backcountry route)

Riders cut off by the race director will be considered a DNF (Did Not Finish), along with DNFs due to medical issues and mechanical failures. DNF riders may receive 50% Off on the following year’s Whiskey Off-Road registration as a start-line redemption opportunity.

All DNF riders are expected to report to the Epic Rides tent to notify an Epic Rides crew member that they are no longer on the course.

Friday (15 Proof Fun Ride): 2:00p – 6:00p  |  (Fat Tire Crit): 5:15p – 7:15p

Saturday (25 & 50 Proof Amateur Rides): 7:30a – 4:00p

Sunday (Professional Backcountry Race): 8:30a – 1:30p


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