Rider Support

The following information is intended to help your event go smoothly.

This list will take on additions occasionally. Please remember to check back for updates.

Which event should I register for?

  • 50-mile single track challenge – estimated ride time: 4 to 7 hrs
  • 35-mile single track romp – estimated ride time: 2.5 to 5 hrs
  • 30-mile Forest Road Fun Ride – estimated ride time: 2 to 4.5 hrs
  • 9-mile single track fun ride – estimated ride time: 1 to 2 hrs

Cut-Off Times

12:30p – Four Springs aid station, 30- & 50-mile participants

1:15p – Los Burros aid station, 35- & 50-mile participants

All participants that do not make a cutoff time will be re-routed on a DNF safety route, and receive 50% Off next year’s event entry fee as a start line redemption opportunity.

Aid Station Fare

All Aid Stations are run by local clubs and community volunteers from the Pinetop-Lakeside area. This means each participant is fortunate to come in contact with these awesome event supporters! Each aid station will have its own personal touch from the group running the station.

The only request Epic has is that you make each aid stations group of volunteers feel like the million dollars they are. Without them you would be…very hungry! Thank and show your appreciation for them.

Start of Event

Plan to start the event with a full hydration pack and plenty of food. All 30 mile forest road fun riders & 9-mile single track fun riders are requested to show up to their start line 20 minutes prior for a pre-event route review and conversation.

Fast Pass Corral

The Tour utilizes a corral starting grid to stage riders at the start line. To stage in the front corral, riders are required to qualify at a previous Epic Rides event by finishing within one hour of the fastest finisher in their distance, regardless of category.

Here is a link of who has qualified for the 2016 Tour front corral in the 35 & 50-Mile rides.

A Path to Happy Camping

All fires are required to be above ground (same protocol as the 24 Hour event).

Maintain an above ground fire by utilizing a chiminea. For other suggestions we recommend visiting the “Leave No Trace” website. A convenient option is to rely on the communal campfire.

Bring lots of water. Epic Rides will provide some, however please consider our stash as backup. You should pack as if you were going camping in a primitive environment (because you are). Bring a few gallons/person for the weekend and you’ll be set.

Venue Details Observed. Rest rooms and trash receptacles will be provided. All other creature comforts are up to you, amigos.

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