Amateur Rules & Expectations

  • ”Keep the singletrack single” by staying within the singletrack tread. Pass in areas that allow for safe and responsible passing and do not cut corners. Participants that need to dismount from their bicycle should move their bike and themselves off the trail in a manner that doesn’t impact the soil or vegetation. Avoid touching the delicate, black crust on the soil (cryptobiotic soil).
  • All backcountry bicycle event participants are required to wear eye protection and a helmet that complies with U.S. CPSC safety standards for bicycle helmets.
  • Each rider is expected to complete the entire course. If they do not complete the entire course, the participant is considered a Did Not Finish (DNF). If a rider is a DNF they should not cross the finish line upon return to the start/finish-line area. They are expected to report to the Timing Tent to inform Event Timing they are no longer on the course and did not complete the ride.
  • Each participant must be considerate of other riders when passing or being passed. Verbal communication and/or the use of a bell are necessary for a successful pass. When being passed, please provide adequate space when available for the faster rider to go by.
  • Participants are required to complete the entire course on the same bike they started the event on. All bikes should be of the ‘mountain bike’ genre (geometry, tires, cranks, handlebars, etc).
  • The nature of mountain biking requires a mountain biker to be self supported. Because Epic Rides’ events are a mild deviation from the solo backwoods experience, participants are allowed to accept support from other registered event participants, official event aid stations, or crew support (when applicable) stationed at comfort stations on course. Pacing and intermittent hand-ups in non aid station locations is prohibited.
  • Always abide by the laws and rules of the road and/or governing land agency when appropriate.
  • Headphones connected to MP3 players or similar devices that prohibit a rider’s ability to hear activity around them are not permitted.
  • Littering is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Picking up trail trash is good karma.
  • Thank the volunteers; the event couldn’t happen without them.
  • If a participant breaks the rules, or attempts to bend the rules through a “loophole,” the decision regarding appropriate course of action will be made by a board of critical thinkers and experts in the sport of mountain biking. Your actions are at their mercy.
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