Course & Aid Info

Ride tip: Epic Rides is stoked to provide comprehensive route resources via Gaining an appreciation for the trails that make up the Grand Junction Off-Road course or understanding which way to go during a pre-ride has never been easier, thanks to

Following are details for each route offered through the Grand Junction Off-Road backcountry mountain bike event.

Epic Rides recommends starting the event with a full hydration pack, two water bottles and sufficient food to fuel your body; each aid station is roughly 8 – 12 miles apart.

Grand Junction Off-Road - 15 Grand

Grand Junction Off-Road - 30 Grand

Grand Junction Off-Road - 40 Grand

Aid Stations

There are 4 Aid Stations on the course

  • Stations #1 and #4 are the same locations; the Little Park Trailhead parking lot.
  • Aid Station #2 is located at the intersection of Butterknife singletrack trail and 3rd Flats road and will be available for all the participants in the Saturday and Sunday events.
  • Aid Station #3 is located at the bottom of the Rough Canyon descent (just before the 1 mile slick rock climb out) and is utilized by all 40 Grand riders.
  • Aid stations are spaced roughly 8 – 12 miles apart.
Aid Station Fare

Hydration mix(s), gels & nutrition Products will be provided by event nutrition partner(s) and announced through pre-event communications..

If a rider prefers a different hydration mix or energy drink, we encourage them to bring their own and mix with the water provided on route.

Plan to start the event with a full hydration pack and plenty of food.