Rider FAQ

Carson Pass

Carson Pass (noun): The Carson Pass is a list of riders who have finished within the 1st hour of the 1st place rider within the last 2 years of the Off-Road Series and Tour of the White Mountains. This is not based on category or gender but based on distance. These riders will be placed in the front corral of the Carson City Off-Road.

Carson Pass

Rider Categories

Capital 15 Fun Ridebut a challenge too Capital 35 Male & Female Capital 50 Male & Female
Capital 35 Jr. (18yrs & Under) Capital 50 Jr. (18yrs & Under)
Capital 35 Singlespeed Capital 50 Singlespeed
Capital 35 Open (19-44yrs) Capital 50 Open (19-44yrs)
Capital 35 Master (45-59yrs) Capital 50 Master (45-59yrs)
Capital 35 Distinguished (60yrs+) Capital 50 Distinguished (60yrs+)

Packet Pickup & Mandatory Pre-Ride Meeting

Packet Pickup

Amateur: Friday, 12p – 9p, Registration Tent, Carson St.
Pro: Friday, 2p – 4p, Old Assembly Chambers, Capitol Building

Rider must present a government issued ID to receive a packet. If you can not attend packet pickup,
a friend or family member may pickup your packet with a copy (a photo on their phone is fine) or you ID.

Mandatory Pre-Ride Meeting (Capitol 35 & 50 Riders)

Amateur: Friday, 8p, Main Stage
Pro: Friday, 2p, Old Assembly Chambers, Capitol Building

This meeting is when Epic Rides briefs the group on important course & event updates/changes for the following day’s activities. In essence, this is a safety meeting.

Cut-Off Times & DNFs

Friday: Riders have roughly 3 hours to complete the course. Course support will be closed at 6p on Friday. Capital 15 riders will be cut off after 3:30p at the Kings Canyon Aid Station.

Saturday: Capital 35 & 50 riders will be cut off and re-routed after 11:15a at the Spooner Lake Aid Station.

If a rider “DNF’s” they are expected to report to the Timing Tent to inform they are no longer on the course.

Course Support – Hours of Operation

The Capital 15 event is finished at 6p. The Capitol 35 & 50 events are finished at 4:00p on Saturday. The Capital 50 Pro event is finished at 2:00p on Sunday. After each event day is finished, all course support will be closed.

Spectator Directions

So you’re ready to do some cheering and support riders when they need it most? Great, choose either of the locations below to do some hooting and hollering while supporting friends, family, and random riders. Just remember to be respectful of Carson City’s Open Space and Forest Service managed lands and the volunteers in the area that are helping with crowd control. And, don’t forget your cowbell!

Location 1: Waterfall Trail…Please plan to complete a brief yet strenuous hike up a switchback trail past a waterfall and up to a singletrack segment located roughly half way through the course. Spectators are welcome to walk the other trails in the area too, however, should be cautious to avoid hiking on Ash to Kings trail during the event. The hike will last 15+ minutes each way. This location can get a little rowdy…

Riders will begin passing through this section at 3p on Friday, 7:45a on Saturday & 8:25a on Sunday.

Directions to Kings Canyon Waterfall Trailhead from Downtown Carson City

Location 2: Ash Canyon TH at the terminus of Ash to Kings Trail, in addition to being able to watch riders descend the legendary Lower Creek Trail, this location is also prime viewing for late race fatigue…where a helpful cheer can mean the most!

Spectators can park here and walk to watch participants ride sections of the Lower Creek trail, Ash to Kings trail plus Jackrabbit and postal trails both early and late in the day. This location can get a little rowdy…

Directions to Ash Canyon Trailhead from Downtown Carson City

Riders will begin passing through this section at 3:30p on Friday, 8:05a on Saturday & 8:45a on Sunday.

Spectators are encouraged to drive up Ash Canyon (slowly over the reverse speed bumps) and then park at the pullout area near the water tower (do not drive past the water towers). And then, walk the remaining .75 mile to the various trails in the area. A friendly reminder, for participant safety, do not drive past the water towers.

Location 3: Exit Jack Rabbit Trail over V&T Rail to Trail. Catch the riders as they speed of the Jack Rabbit Trail towards town. The V&T Rail to Trail is an old railway that not only makes a great high-speed vantage point but is also a great trail for beginners and youths. Parking is suggested at Western Nevada College where you can take a short (.5 mile) walk west and south and walk the V&T Rail to Trail until you intersect with spectator location 3. No shade here, so plan accordingly.

Directions to Western Nevada College Parking Lot

Riders will begin passing through this section at 4p on Friday, 8:45a on Saturday & 9:20a on Sunday.

Spectators note: Please remember to be a good steward of the land when venturing into nature. Carson City’s open space offers big views and fragile soil…please stay on the trail at all times. And remember, pack out what you pack in. Thank you!