Shimano Kids’ Fun Ride


Why should adults get to have all the pedal-powered fun at the Carson City Off-Road? The Kids’ Fun Ride features two different courses – the Capital 4 & Capital 1 – on Sunday morning after the Pro sendoff, perfect for kids of all ages and skill levels. For many kids, this will be their first shot at the Carson City Off-Road, and most definitely not their last.

Please print and bring to registration tent

Course Information

The Capital 4 & Capital 1 courses share the same route closed paved route in the historic community west of Carson Street.

More experienced riders are encouraged to ride 4 loops, while younger children are welcome to ride 1 loop – or more if they discover they feel up to it. Parents are encouraged to ride along with their kids. This course is trailer friendly.

All riders are required to wear a helmet that complies with U.S. CPSC Safety Standards.

Registration Details

$10 donation to the Nevada High School Cycling League. Scholarships are available.

Registration is available during event weekend in the Bike & Gear Expo at the blue Epic Rides tents. Parents are invited to ride with their children for free.

Start Times

Capital 4 & 1 – 8:45a, Sunday (concludes at 10:15a)


All riders are required to wear helmets, including parents. Gloves and eye protection are recommended.


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