June 14-16, 2019 Carson City, NV

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Registration Details

(Flat) Registration Fees

Epic Rides offers simple Flat-Fee Registration for all Off-Road Series events, including the Carson City Off-Road. The costs below are what you see at checkout.  In this case, “flat” is a good thing: no hidden fees, just… a good day on the bike.

What’s Included?

Flat-Fee Registration includes initial registration, processing fees, taxes, and donation. Does not include fees for registration modification.

Registration Dates Until April 30th Until May 31st Until Event
Capital 35 & 50 Backcountry Ride $130 $140 $150
Capital 35 & 50 Ride – Junior $70 $80 $90
Capital 15 Fun Ride $90 $100 $110
Capital 15 Fun Ride – Junior $50 $60 $70
Pro Fat Tire Crit & Backcountry Race $95 $100 $110
Kids Fun Ride(s) $10 donation

Register by May 31st to receive an insanely soft event Official event T-shirt, personalized # plate, event poster,  and a goodie bag chock-full of useful samples.

Each participant has an equal opportunity to earn their Finisher’s Railroad Spike award (no small task).

Register for more than one event and save…

Multi-Event Discounts 2-Event Savings 3-Event Savings 4-Event Savings
30/50-ish Events (Save $15/event) $30.00 $45.00 $60.00
30/50-ish Jr. Events (Save $7.50/event) $15.00 $22.50 $30.00
Fun Rides (Save $7.50/event) $15.00 $22.50 $30.00
Jr. Fun Rides (Save $3.75/event) $7.50  $11.25 $15.00
Pro Events (Save $10/event) $20.00 $30.00 $40.00

Event Cancellation Policy

Much like dropping in on a steep rocky descent or committing to ride a distance outside of your comfort zone, a risk is inherent in our sport.

The act of registering for an Epic Rides event, although not quite as dangerous as riding your bike, presents risks.

Epic Rides takes great pride in the high level of organization and scenic venues our events utilize. In order to assure each event is up to par with Epic Rides expectations it’s critical we make sure nature is cooperating in the effort to avoid unnecessary impacts on both the rider and the trails.

If an act of God or another event beyond our control occur, what can event participants expect?

1. Epic Rides’ decisions will be based on participant safety & environmental impact. Often times these decisions are in the hands of the landowners or agencies our events are permitted through.

2. If the event is canceled, participants will receive first right to sign up for the following years event via early registration.

3. Entry Fee: Epic Rides cannot accept the risk of a canceled event for reasons beyond our control. Participants are respectfully requested to accept the financial risk of their individual entry.

The skinny: Epic Rides does not save any money if you do not participate. Epic Rides needs to pay for all supplies and services associated with the event, regardless of the outcome. These include (but are not limited to) permits, 3rd party vendors, transport, administrative expenses, and awards.

If you feel further conversation is necessary, we welcome your phone call at 520-623-1584

Changes or Refunds

If you are dropping to a lesser distance – No Charge

If you are increasing to a larger distance – $10 Change Fee plus the difference in price of the increased distance.

Epic Rides’ policy is no refunds for the entry fee, except in the event of an injury prior to the event wherein we will transfer your registration to next year’s event upon provision of a doctor’s note.


Each registration includes a $10 donation toward event fundraising efforts.

The Carson City Off-Road raises funds for local and national event beneficiaries including Muscle Powered, Nevada High School Cycling League and the International Mountain Bike Association.

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