February 17 - 19, 2023 Tucson, AZ

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Rules & Expectations

The “24 Hours in the Old Pueblo” is a team relay and solo rider mountain bike event.

The race begins at 12:00 PM on Saturday and ends 24 long grueling hours later at 12:00 PM Sunday. Both team and solo riders will compete for prizes.

 General Rules

  • Each team must designate both a team captain and co-captain. All correspondence for a team before, during and after the race must be conducted through and only through the team captain. In the event that a team captain is unavailable, the co-captain may represent the team. However, only team captains may file a protest. Team captains and co-captains are required to attend the pre-race meeting, we also encourage you to invite your entire team to the meeting as an opportunity for them to clarify any questions regarding the event prior to starting time.
  • Only team members, volunteers and event staff are allowed in the rider transition area while the ride is being conducted. A rider on the course may be supported on the course only by other registered riders. Those riders may be a different team and must enter the course under their own power, either on foot or on a bicycle. Any rider who has entered the course in support of another may bring equipment and tools and may even swap bikes with the rider in need of support. Cannibalizing bike parts is permitted in this race.
  • Anyone, including other racers, may supply a racer on the course with food and water. However, racers taking on food or water must exit and stay clear of the course. Water will be stationed at the check-in station. It is important that no one litter the course. Any racer found intentionally littering the course will be disqualified along with the rest of their team members. 
  • Riders pushing bikes must yield the right of way to racers riding bikes. A racer pushing a bicycle may overtake a racer riding a bicycle so long as the racer riding a bicycle is not impeded.
  • Lapped riders must yield to riders in the lead. Any rider attempting to overtake another must be vocal. Phrases like “track left”, “track right” must be shouted out. A challenging rider must overtake a lapped rider safely and lapped rider must yield on a challenging riders first command.
  • In the event that two or more riders are vying for position, the lead rider does not necessarily have to yield to the challenging rider, however, any attempt to interfere with or impede a challenging rider is considered unsportsmanlike and is not permitted.
  • Any attempt by a logged-in rider to take a (short-cut) off of the designated course will result in the immediate disqualification of that racers entire team. Additional penalties, including a permanent banishment of that racer and/or their team from all future races, may be imposed. 
  • All participants must conduct themselves in a civilized manner. Use of foul or intimidating language or behavior towards anyone including other participants or event officials on or off the course will not be tolerated. Any participant found in violation of this regulation will be penalized. This penalty may include the immediate disqualification of the racer and/or their team. All penalties to be determined by the event director.
  • Federal, state and local ordinances must be followed at all times.
  • Only registered participants may ride on the course prior to and during the race.
  • Protests must be in writing and submitted to the event director any time after the race but no later than 15 minutes after the final race result postings. Only team captains may submit a protest. Protests should describe the incident in detail and contain names, addresses, phone numbers and signatures of participants and witnesses to the incident. A $20.00 cash deposit must accompany all protests. The event director shall make an immediate ruling on the protest. Should the ruling be against the team the deposit will be forfeited. If the ruling is in favor of the team and the protest upheld, the deposit shall be refunded. The race director will make all final rulings.
  • Riders must have a primary light rated at a minimum of six watts or 150 lumens during the night ride. Riders must also carry a secondary light such as a small flashlight, penlight or similar lighting system.
  • All co-ed teams are required to have a minimum one person of the opposite sex AND each person on the team is required to complete a minimum of one-night lap in order to be considered in contention for a top 10th or 15th spot depending upon a number of teams in a category.
  • On a co-ed team, each member is required to have no less than two (2) laps completed from the most completed by the team member with the most laps. (example: Rider A has 5 laps recorded in the books, all the other riders cannot have less than 3 laps recorded in the books.)
  • All bicycles must be completely human-powered. No pedal-assist is allowed.
  • All attendees, participants and volunteers must follow Epic Rides’ Covid Protocol


This race will include these categories:

  • Solo Male
  • Solo Female
  • Solo Single Speed Male
  • Solo Single Speed Female
  • Duo Men
  • Duo Women
  • Duo Co-ed
  • 4 Person Men Open
  • 4 Person Women Open
  • 4 Person Single Speed (male/female distinction not necessary)
  • 5 Person Co-ed – Must have at least 1 person of the opposite sex.
    Cumulative age categories = 0-149, 150-199, 200-249, 250+
  • Corporate Team – 6 – 10 teammates, each rider must complete at least one lap

Five-person teams are coed and must include at least one rider of each gender represented. In addition, five-person teams will have five separate age categories that can be determined by adding up all the ages of all five riders. These categories include combined ages 0-149, 150-200, 200-249 and 250+. The corporate team category consists of six to ten riders with no male/female restrictions. Corporate teams need not necessarily have sponsorship. All registered team riders in the corporate category must complete at least one lap.

Minimum Age Requirement: Epic Rides has no minimum age per se. We do have a minimum lap time. We do this to assure a safe environment on the course for all participants (same reason we limit the solo field).

The course will consist of a 16-mile loop including eight or more miles of single track. The trails for this course have been designed specifically for 24-hour desert racing. Bring tweezers and a comb.

Starting Procedure

Start time for the race will be at 12:00 pm on Saturday. The race will utilize a Lemans style starting procedure. The Lemans style start is preferred, because it ensures a safe and exciting method for starting a large number of riders. It consists of having all the riders line up at the starting line, at which time a pistol is fired. The riders will then run a designated 400-yard course (approx.) to the bike racks to pick-up their bikes. The racers will then continue onto the race course. All starting riders must have their bikes pre-positioned in the bike racks and be logged-in prior to the start of the race. All riders on deck; those riders who are waiting for their teammate to complete a lap, must be logged into the manual timing sheet no later than 15 minutes prior to their teammate’s completion of the lap.

Racers entering the course after 5:30 PM and before 6:30 AM must have their light mounted and be able to demonstrate that they are properly functioning. Riders must have their lights burning between 6:00 PM and 6:30 AM. Riding with lights off between these times in an effort to conserve energy is dangerous and will not be permitted. Any team found riding with their lights off, can be disqualified. Riders may turn off and remove their lights after 6:30 AM. All lights on/lights off times are subject to change depending on weather conditions. Announcements of the exact times will be made during the race. Please remember to turn off lights when entering the Exchange Tent and approaching volunteers.

Check-In Station

Each racer (including soloists) must log in and log out at the check-in station located at the start/finish area (exchange tent). The registrar will then record the login time before that rider can begin his/her lap. The logout time is the login time for the next rider regardless of whether or not that rider is present in the exchange tent. If the rider is to continue on for another lap he or she must still check in with the registrar prior to beginning the next lap. If a rider fails to do this, only one lap will be recorded. If a team cancels a rider’s lap and is starting the lap over with a new rider, there will be no penalty. However, the team’s rider must check in with the registrar. The login time recorded for the rider failing to complete the lap will be used as the login time for the new rider. Teams should be sure that each rider is logging in and out correctly.

A rider who has entered the course must complete his or her lap. Rider substitutions can only be made at the check-in station. In the event that a female rider on a five-person team with only one female rider should have to withdraw from the race due to injury or illness, she must have completed two laps in order for that team to qualify. Should a team in another category lose a teammate for the entire race to an injury of illness that team may continue to compete.


If a rider logs off the course prior to 12:00 PM and no other rider logs in to complete a final lap, that team will be considered a “DID NOT FINISH“.

The ending time for the race is 12:00 PM on Sunday. Any racer still on the course after 12:00 PM will log off after completing the lap. The final finishing places are to be determined by the total number of laps completed and the order in which each team completed the final lap.

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