October 5, 2019 Pinetop-Lakeside, AZ

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Fees & Schedules

Event Schedule

Friday, October 4TH
12:00p – 8:00p:      Campsite Open
12:00p – 8:00p:      Tierra Rose open and pouring a nice cup ‘o joe
12:00p – 8:00p:      Packet Pickup: Epic Rides Registration Tent (Location subject to change)
12:00p – 8:00p:      Food Trucks Open
2:00p – 8:00p:        Bike & Gear Expo Hours
12:00p – 8:00p:      Four Peaks Brewing Co. Beer Garden Hours
8:00p:                      35-Mile & 50-Mile Riders Meeting: Amphitheater(Location subject to change)
10:00p – 6:00am    Quiet Hours – Please be respectful

Saturday, October 5TH

6:00a – 5:00p:        Tierra Rose coffee truck open and pouring caffeine
6:00a – 5:00p:        Food Trucks Open
6:00a – 4:00p:        Bike & Gear Expo Hours. A round of horse shoes, anyone?
6:30a – 8:30a:        Packet Pickup & Kids’ Ride Registration: Epic Rides Tent
7:15a:                     Start: 50-Mile Singletrack Ride
8:30a:                     Start: 35-Mile Singletrack Ride
8:40a:                     Start: 30-Mile Gravel Grinder Fun Ride (Wave 1)
8:45a:                     Start: 30-Mile Gravel Grinder Fun Ride (Wave 2)
8:50a:                     Start: 9-Mile Singletrack Fun Ride
9:00a:                     Start: Kids’ Ride, concludes at 9:20a
10:00a – 8:00p:     Four Peaks Brewing Co. Beer Garden Pouring
10:00a – 12:00p:   Planting Seedz takes the stage
12:00p – 2:00p:     Sugar & the Mint takes the stage
12:45p:                   50 & 35-Mile Cut-Off Time: Four Springs Aid Station
1:30p:                     50 & 35-Mile Cut-Off Time: Los Burros Aid Station
2:00p:                     Four Peaks Awards Ceremony: Amphitheater
5:00p – 6:00p:     Four Peaks Brewing Co. Pumpkin Porter & Marshmallows
10:00p – 6:00am    Quiet Hours – Please be respectful

Registration Fee

Registration fees include a $10 donation toward event fundraising efforts, and if applicable, processing fee.

All kids 18 & under receive 50% Off registration. Discount does not apply to $10 charitable contribution or processing fee(s).

Until July  31 Until  Sept 9 Until Event
50 & 35-Mile Singletrack Challenge $120 $130 $140
50 & 35-Mile Junior Singletrack Challenge $65 $75 $85
30 Mile Forest Road & 9 Mile Singletrack Fun Ride $75 $85 $95
30 Mile Junior Forest Road & 9 Mile Junior Singletrack Fun Ride $45 $55 $65

Event is limited to 700 participants and can fill up early.

Changes or Refunds

If you are dropping to a lesser distance – No Charge

If you are increasing to a larger distance – $10 Change Fee plus the difference in price of the increased distance.

Epic Rides policy is no refunds for the entry fee, except in the event of an injury prior to the event wherein we will transfer your registration to next year’s event upon provision of a doctor’s note.

Packet Pick Up

Friday, 12p – 8p

Saturday, 6:30a – 8:30a

  • 30-mile gravel grinder & 9-mile singletrack fun ride only

Rider with ID is required at packet pick-up. A friend/family member is allowed to pick-up another rider’s packet when a copy of rider’s ID is provided.


Pre-Ride Meeting

Friday, 8p – 8:45p

Mandatory for all 35 & 50 mile singletrack riders. All riders plus friends and family welcome!

Participants in all other distances are requested to show up to their start line 20 minutes prior for a pre-event route review and conversation.

Start Times

 50-mile singletrack challenge  7:15a
 35-mile singletrack challenge  8:30a
 30-mile forest road fun ride  8:40a
 9-mile singletrack fun ride  8:50a
 Kids’ Fun Ride  9:00a


Each entry fee includes a $10 donation. Fundraising activities are for T.R.A.C.K.S. and other event beneficiaries.

T.R.A.C.K.S. is successful in promoting, preserving, and protecting multi-use trails throughout Pinetop-Lakeside and the White Mountains. It strives to support and assist the development, maintenance, and improvement of non-motorized trails, and to provide a resource for education, communication, and social interaction designed to enhance the enjoyment of outdoor experiences on the trails.

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