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Event Schedule and FAQ

Event Schedule


Rider Categories


 Ozark 15 Fun Ridebut a challenge too Ozark 30 – Male & Female Ozark 50 – Male & Female
Ozark 30 Jr. (18yrs & Under) Ozark 50  Jr. (18yrs & Under)
Ozark 30 Singlespeed Ozark 50 Singlespeed
Ozark 30 Open (19-44yrs) Ozark 50 Open (19-44yrs)
Ozark 30 Master (45-59yrs) Ozark 50 Master (45-59yrs)
Ozark 30 Distinguished (60yrs+) Ozark 50 Distinguished (60yrs+)

OZ Pass & Amateur Wave Starts

OZ Pass

The OZ Pass is a list of riders who have finished within one hour of the 1st-place rider of their distance, in the last two years of any Epic Rides Series event or Tour of the White Mountains. This is not based on category or gender but based on distance. Riders with an OZ Pass have earned the opportunity to line up in the front corral on ride day at the OZ Trails Off-Road event.

2021 OZ Pass List

Amateur Wave Starts

In the interest of optimizing your ride experience, distances with 300+ participants will be broken into wave starts. This enhances rider safety while decreasing potential impact to the trails. Ride times are based on when the rider crosses the start line and finish line.

To determine which wave start suits you best, we’ve taken into consideration:

  • Your self-determined estimated finishing time input at registration
  • Your last year finishing time if available

Packet Pickup & Mandatory Pre-Ride Meeting

Epic Rides will welcome the group and brief riders on important course and event updates, or changes for the following day’s activities (it’s a safety meeting).  All riders will be held to the information covered during this meeting, regardless of whether they attend.


Amateur Riders

Packet Pick-up: Friday, 12p – 9p, Bike & Gear Expo

Rider must present a government issued ID to receive a packet. If you are not able to pickup your packet, a friend or family member can with a copy (photo on your phone is fine) of your ID. 

Mandatory Pre-Ride Meeting (Ozark 35 & 50 Riders): TBA


Pro Riders

Packet Pick-up: Friday, 12p – 3p, Bike & Gear Expo at Epic Rides Tents

Rider must present a government-issued ID and proof of covid vaccination or negative covid test to receive a packet. If you are not able to pick up your packet, a friend or family member can with a copy (photo on your phone is fine) of your ID. 

Mandatory Pre-Ride Meeting:  Friday, 1p, Main stage

Spectator Directions

Words don’t do justice to the amount of support a cheering fan can provide simply through being trailside and clapping or offering encouragement for a rider.

1. Blowing Springs Trail Head. Easy to get to off of Blowing Spring Road with plenty of parking.
2. Under the bluffs on the south end of Lake Ann. A bit of a hike but a super rad spot for photo and cheering on the riders.
3. Trail Course Split off of Commonwealth Road. Easy parking and a quick hike to the trail.
4. North end of the Ledges. An easily accessible spot great for grabbing some chairs and watching the riders roll in.

Epic Rides will identify key areas on the course that provide fun viewing for spectators as well as helpful presence for the riders when they need it most. This information will be shared through the Oz Trails Off-Road Facebook page plus posted here prior to event weekend. Please stay tuned…

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