Course & Aid Info

New Course for 2021

Ride tip: Epic Rides is stoked to provide comprehensive route resources via Gaining an appreciation for the trails that make up the OZ Trails Off-Road course or understanding which way to go during a pre-ride has never been easier, thanks to

Following are details for each route offered through the OZ Trails Off-Road backcountry mountain bike event.

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Ozark 15 Backcountry Course

Ozark 30 Backcountry Course

Ozark 50 Backcountry Course

Aid Stations & Rider Support Crews

Our wonderful volunteers will staff 4 Aid Stations throughout the weekend:

  1. Slaughter Pen Aid Station (Sat. only)
  2. Lake Ann Aid Station (Sat. & Sun.)
  3. Pinyon Creek Aid Station (Sat. & Sun.)
  4. Euston Aid Station (Sat. & Sun.)



Participants may receive “hand-ups” from their support crews at the following locations:

  • Lake Ann Aid Station
  • Pinyon Creek Parking Lot: access off Castleford Dr.


  • Ozark 15 Fun Ride: Slaughter Pen Aid Station
  • Ozark 30 backcountry course:
    • Pinyon Creek Aid Station
    • Euston Aid Station
  • Ozark 50 backcountry course:
    • Lake Ann Aid Station
    • Pinyon Creek Aid Station
    • Euston Aid Station


Aid Station Fare

Each station will be equipped with V8 +Energy, cookies, oranges, pickles and Honey Stinger waffles.

If a rider prefers a different hydration mix or energy drink, we encourage them to bring their own and mix with the water provided on route.

Plan to start the event with a full hydration pack and plenty of food.

Cut-Off Times & DNF

Friday: Fun Ride support ends at 5:30p. If the race director anticipates you may not make this time limit, you may be asked to reroute in the most direct manner to the finish.

Saturday:  In order to ensure riders return to the finish before course support (Medical, Traffic, Police, Comm, Volunteers) ends at 4:00p, the following cutoffs have been established:

  • Ozark 50 riders arriving after 11:30a at the intersection of Back 40 & Flo Ride (19 miles into the course) will be re-routed and considered a DNF.
  • Ozark 30 riders arriving after 12:00p at the Pinyon Creek Aid Station (14 mi. mark) will be monitored by the Backcountry Director for further progress along the course.

Sunday: Racers are expected to finish by 1:30p. If the race director anticipates you may not make this time limit, you may be asked to reroute in the most direct manner to the finish.

Riders cut off by the race director will be considered a DNF (Did Not Finish), along with DNFs due to medical issues and mechanical failures. DNF riders may receive 50% Off on the following year’s OZ Trails Off-Road registration as a start line redemption opportunity.

All DNF riders are expected to report to the Epic Rides tent to notify an Epic Rides crew member that they are no longer on the course.

Course Support – Hours of Operation

The Ozark 15 event is finished at 5:30p and the El Yucateco Pro Fat Tire Crit will be finished by 7:30p on Friday. The Ozark 30 & 50 events are finished at 4:00p on Saturday. The Ozark 50 Pro backcountry event is finished at 1:30p on Sunday. After each event day is finished, all course support will be closed.