February 18 - 20, 2022 Tucson, AZ

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COVID-19 Management Plan

Following is our plan to mitigate risks in 24 Hour Town – a remote off grid outdoor venue. With each attendees’ cooperation, we will make best efforts to create a safe COVID-era event experience.

A few important points to start…

  • At Epic Rides, we know a few days in 24 Hour Town represents a window into all that is good with the world…and about now, that view is long overdue.
  • For that reason, we’re bent on making the 22nd Annual 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo presented by Tucson Medical Center happen. We want it to happen for the sanity of our community. We want it to happen for our own sanity, too. We will only allow it to happen if we truly believe we’re able to facilitate a safe experience.
  • With advice from Tucson Medical Center and under the watchful eye of Pinal County, it’s our intent to produce a safe event environment where if COVID is present, it can be contained and managed effectively.
  • That said, we understand the risk associated with this production. It’s critical all interested parties appreciate the shared responsibility attending the event will entail.

In accordance with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance for Events and Gatherings, we will incorporate the following measures to enable both
Maintaining Healthy Environments and Healthy Behaviors in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

1. Maintaining Healthy Environments

  • Waiver: all attendees will be required to sign a COVID exposure waiver in order to identify symptoms and release liability.
  • Testing: a COVID-19 negative test verification during the days prior to arriving at 24 Hour Town will be required.
    • This will entail each individual planning to attend the event to, on their own, seek out and facilitate a COVID test prior to arriving to the #24HOP.
    • Temperature checks will be conducted at the entrance of 24 Hour Town and randomly throughout the venue by our COVID-Care Team.
  • Attendance: total attendance will be reduced from ~4,000 to ~2,000 via a registration cap at 1,500.
    • Only registered participants, volunteers, sponsors and media will be allowed to attend.
    • Support crews will be limited to 1 person per solo, duo and junior team. Teams of 4 people or greater will need to rely on each other as crew support.
    • This means, with exception to solo, duos and juniors, no un-registered riders/straight partygoers/random wandering hobos, sorry.
  • Event Layout: due to a reduction in total attendance at 24 Hour Town, greater physical spacing is expected throughout the venue.
    • Arrival — To reduce people density we will implement a scheduled arrival to 24 Hour Town starting on Monday of event week.  In order to maintain our safe COVID-era event experience, come & go access will not be permitted. Once you’ve arrived at 24 Hour Town, please plan to stay.  
    • Expo Area — will be reduced by 40%. We anticipate utilizing ⅔’s of 2020’s vendor footprint. Vendor selection will first focus on essential services for 24 Hour Town’s population, then Official level brand partners, and so-on until full. 
  • Communal Spaces: areas that typically attract gatherings. Communal spaces will be managed either through eliminating or modifying these areas.
    • Packet Pickup — 100% of packet pickup will be onsite.
    • Captains Meeting — Will be conducted virtually…and, yes, we’ve got something up our sleeve to make it as unique as it is when we celebrate this moment together.
    • Exchange Tent — First, no batons. Next, we are planning to reduce the tent size to half (40×40) and will leave most sides off the tent to promote ventilation and modify the handoff process to not require touchpoints. With these changes, we’ll greatly expand the staging area and handoff process to allow ease of physical distancing.  
    • Lemans Start —  It wouldn’t be the same without the human stampede! So, we’ve identified an iteration that will create the same lively experience while observing physical distancing requirements – care to guess how we’re going to do it??
    • Shower Trailer — Unfortunately, this unventilated box is a no-go this year.
    • Awards — Award pickup will be facilitated during established timeframes.
    • Beer Garden — BYOB, there will not be one this year. 
  • Cleaning: expect additional cleaning at high touchpoint areas such as portalets, hand washing stations, exchange tent, etc.

2. Maintaining Healthy Behaviors 

  • Hand Hygiene and Respiratory Etiquette: help yourself and others stay healthy by washing your hands often, especially during key times when you are likely to get and spread germs (food prep, bathroom, handling garbage, after blowing nose, sneezing or coughing).
    • Please cover your mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing.
    • While on course, spitting or clearing of nasal passages should only be considered when no one is within sight or hearing. 
  • Facial Coverings: are essential when physical distancing is difficult. 
    • Expect mandatory face covering use in communal spaces like; vendor & food expo, exchange tent, packet pickup, portolets.
    • Employees, contracted workers and volunteers whose duties include contact with the public must wear a face covering.
    • Babies or children under age 2 and under should not wear a mask.
  • Self Monitor: everyone should self-monitor themselves for illness and stay home if experiencing known symptoms as listed by the CDC. Your entry fee/registration will be protected, see our Registration Policy options. 

Registration Policy – if, due to COVID-19, the event is canceled or an individual is unable to attend, then affected participants will be able to a) transfer their entry to a new teammate, b) receive a 75% refund, or c) defer 75% of their entry fee to the 2022 #24HOP.  

Note: Epic Rides remains committed to providing a discounted priority registration opportunity for registrants of canceled 2020 Epic Rides Series events. This consideration applies to Series events only – including the Whiskey Off-Road, Grand Junction Off-Road, Carson City Off-Road and the Oz Trails Off-Road. The 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo and Tour of the White Mountains, while produced by Epic Rides, are not Series events and therefore do not present an opportunity for priority registration at a discounted rate.

What we should all be looking out for:

  • …a seasonal COVID relapse.As we enter into the fall months it’s anyone’s guess whether or not the change of seasons will bring a greater propensity for COVID to spread again.
  • …COVID traveling w/ the Holidays.As with holiday tradition, when people move about the country to be with family and friends, these scenarios may cause COVID outbreaks.

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