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Hunker VERB

HUN – KER | hunkered; hunkering

: To settle in or dig in for a sustained period –used with down

Hunker in a sentence // From the bottom to the top of the Skull Valley climb, I hunker down until I reach the rewarding beauty and elation of the Sierra Prieta Overlook before ‘sending it’ to the Emanuel Pines singletrack.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that it distributed 1.6 million vaccines on Friday, January 22nd. If America’s amazing frontline workers maintain that pace, then over half of the country could be vaccinated by late spring/early summer.

Kudos to all who continue to Hunker Down. With glimmers of hope on the horizon, here’s to ending this pandemic stronger than when we started it, together.

Event Updates:

With concurrence from our host communities, and in the interest of keeping everyone safe, Epic Rides will not produce the following 2021 events 🤦‍♂️.

Whiskey Off-Road                  April 23 – 25    Prescott, AZ
Grand Junction Off-Road     May 14 – 16     Grand Junction, CO
Carson City Off-Road            June 25 – 27    Carson City, NV

This means Epic Rides will go at least 1.75 event cycles before resurfacing.

We are cautiously optimistic that we’ll be able to produce our traditional October events.

Tour of the White Mountains     October 2                    Pinetop-Lakeside, AZ
Oz Trails Off-Road                        October 15 – 17          Bentonville, AR

* Due to the jumble of postponement dates, Sea Otter has rescheduled on top of our traditional Oz Trails Off-Road weekend. In order to encourage togetherness when we all need it most, the 2021 event date was changed to a week later.

Our enduring commitment to you…
Epic Rides remains committed to all registrants of a canceled 2020 Epic Rides Series event and offers the following:

    • Priority registration, held May 15 – 21, into the Oz Trails Off-Road and Tour of the White Mountains
    • 25% of canceled event registration fees (excludes processing + donations) have been credited to the accounts of 2020 registrants and are good through 2023

Words for the wise…
We know this past year hasn’t been easy. Family and friends have been lost to Covid and polarizing political issues have strained communities nationwide. Our friendships have been forced into hibernation when we need them most.

Use these next few months to reflect, reorient, prioritize, and commit to being the best version of yourself for the betterment of you and those around you.

We’ll see ya at a start line soon.

The Crew at Epic Rides



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