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Join Epic Rides, the City of Prescott and the Eagles Aerie 3600 Chapter for free live music Friday, April 29th at 5:30p and from 10a - 8p Saturday, April 30th on the lawn of the Courthouse Square in downtown Prescott. Days of rock steady music and mellow vibes includes a canned good drive for the Yavapai Food Bank - ALL attendees are requested to bring two canned goods for donation at the Food Bank tent.

The venue is perfect for reveling in the day's effort as participants cross the nearby finish line from their challenging mountain bike ride in Prescott National Forest and even better for the boot scoot'n type as the sun sets over Thumb Butte directly west of the outdoor stage.

Once the concert concludes, attendees are encouraged to make the short migration across the street from the Courthouse Square to Whiskey Row, a historic landmark in the Old West mountain town formerly used to house bars and brothels. As of late, the brothels have made the jump to restaurants while the bars remain intact and fully functioning.

With thousands of mountain bikers, plus their friends and family members in town for the weekend, Prescott, Arizona is a town packed with mountain bike culture and promise for a better world through healthy outdoor pursuits.

With great cooperation from Yavapai County and the Prescott Downtown Partnership, the Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Beer Garden will open near the stage area Saturday at 11a, expanding to the beautiful south Courthouse lawn at 2p, and making for the perfect place to unwind with an oat soda while glorious music fills the air into the evening.

2016 Band Bio's and Stage Schedule


5:30-6:30p South of Winslow - Holiday Courtyard Stage

For the past 40 years, The Eagles are one of the most popular and well known bands. "South of Winslow" is a tribute to this incredible band. Young or old, guy or gal, cowboy or city slicker, the Eagle's music strikes a chord in everyone. Six area musicians have formed "South of Winslow" band as a tribute to the Eagles. We invite you to experience and share in their love for this music.

7:30-8:30p Haymarket Squares - Gurley Stage

Blending acoustic instruments, fast tempos, rich harmonies and rabble-rousing lyrics, The Haymarket Squares have been bringing punkgrass to audiences since 2009. “They’re smart. They’re funny. They’re raging against the machine in four-part harmony,” says the Arizona Republic of the group’s incisive lyrics and boundless live energy.

That same range of styles and emotions characterizes The Haymarket Squares’ new album, “Light It Up,” due for release in February 2016. It’s a 12-song summation of the band’s musical influences and lyrical concerns, with tasty dollops of polka, gospel and Latin percussion mixed into the group’s signature punkgrass sound.


10:00a-11:30a The Cross-Eyed Possum - Holiday Courtyard Stage

The Cross-eyed Possum is an Arizona band, playing original rock, jazz, blues, and more.

members: Jason & Jonah Howard, and Max Hill

11:30a-12:45p The CheekTones - Gurley Stage

First there was Don, playing single on Sunday nights to an increasingly small crowd at CoJo’s in Prescott. Marty Love didn’t have enough to do, and said to himself, “Self, I could play to those tiny crowds, too”, so then there were two, known cleverly as Don and Marty.

Then about the time D&M hit the big time, aka “moving to Saturdays”, Gary Ukura says, “Hey Don, I think I could maybe add some drums and harmonies on your stuff”, so then there were three, and now they needed a name. So Don made a list, which included gems like “Don's Early Light”, Cheeko de Gallo, and the ever-popular D-Siders. The CheekTones won in a landslide, and quickly prompted the question, “What is the sound of a CheekTone?”, which has yet to be answered, not in any reel scents...Ines and his fiddle started showing up at occasional gigs, followed by Jimmy Hayes and his Strat. And through all of this, Don’s wife Jane would appear at random intervals to add her distinctive vocals to the mix. And the once-shrinking crowds at CoJo’s began to grow. In December ’08, the band released their first cd, Razorburn; Jimmy Hayes, Kenny James, and Brian Moss each took a turn on lead guitar, and now Drew Hall showed up with his Les Paul...and The CheekTones story just keeps evolving.

1:00p-2:30p Bo Wilson Incident Band - Holiday Courtyard Stage

One of Arizona's best kept secrets, Bo Wilson began his career as a gutarist and songwriter in the Nashville music scene back in the 1970's. Rubbings shoulders with the likes of Lee Clayton, Chris Gantry, Waylon Jennings, and Kris Kristofferson, Bo played with many of the "Outlaw Country" and rock acts that were popular in Nashville during that time.

With nothing left from the past but his own authenticity, Bo is back on the road. When you listen to him play, it's clear that the raw talent that was there from the beginning has been honed on the anvil of adversity and redemption, into a hard finish. Something like 'The Real Deal' is what comes to mind when Bo Wilson picks up the guitar.

3:00p-4:00p Road One South - Holiday Courtyard Stage

Telecasters, slide guitars, harmonicas and percussion, all of it backed up by a mean shuffle beat, Road One South delivers sound reminiscent of blending Bluest Traveler with The Allman Brothers Band. Local to Prescott, Road One South will be sure to get the party rockin’! 

4:30p-5:30p Jared & the Mill - Gurley Stage

Jared & The Mill, born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, and still call it home. When they first got started in the summer of 2011 they just wanted to play some music with buds, and have a good time. Jared and Michael had been buddies and playing music together since they were kids, and after they met up with another childhood duo Josh Morin and Larry Gast III, and connected with Chuck Morris III and Gabe Hall Rodriguez through mutual friends, the band was soon hammering along in the local scene, playing alongside the bands of new friends and old throughout Arizona. The wheels kept turning, and before the band knew it they had over three years of touring under their boots; playing in the living rooms, dive bars, venues, theaters, music festivals, and even arenas of this big ol’ country alongside fellow upcoming bands, and with some of the biggest acts Jared & The Mill had always looked up to. Playing for fifty people one night in a smokey bar, and the very next night opening up and playing for eighteen thousand in an arena was what Jared & the Mill described as "inspiring and eye opening to say the least". Jared & the Mill have opened and shared stages with the likes of Zac Brown Band, Barry Gibb, Boy & Bear, War on Drugs, Wildfeathers, Cake, Flogging Molly, The Killers, Allen Stone, and others. 

6:00p-7:30p Saturday Headlining Act - Black Joe Lewis - Gurley Stage

Joe Lewis hails from Austin, TX – the collision center where Southern soul meets mid-western blues and vagabond punk. Unable to keep away from the infectious music scene Austin is infamous for, Joe Lewis soaked it all in and soon found himself purchasing his First guitar while working in a pawnshop. The rest is history.

Black Joe Lewis perfected his gritty shouting and raw guitar riffs, honing his signature sound on the band’s upcoming album. Once compared to “The Godfather of Soul”, we hear Black Joe Lewis letting his punk-flag fly on the group’s third studio album, Electric Slave. Lewis refuses to be confined to genre-defining boundaries or cater to only one of his many musical influences on his third LP. And as always, Lewis somehow finds a way to make tracks full of horns and blues riffs rival the likes of rocker Iggy Pop.

Get ready to get gritty on the dance floor.

8:30p-9:00p Steve Annibale - Holiday Courtyard Stage

Local to Prescott, Steve Annibale has been pleasing audiences since 1997, offering a broad range of musical styles from rock and country to blues and island music. Annibale has also been heavily involved in jazz performances including events like the Prescott Jazz Summit and supporting Wynton Marsalis and the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra. The soothing sounds of Steve Annibale will be the perfect way to wind down an action-packed day at the Whiskey!


10:00a-11:30a Bo Wilson Incident Solo - Gurley Stage

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