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About 24 HOUR TOWN: Your home away from home…

24 Hour Town Rules

This “master planned community” boasts direct access to over 20 miles of single track and endless amounts of double track and jeep trails. Those residing in 24 Hour Town will enjoy un-interrupted vistas of the Tortolita, Catalina, and Galiuro Mountain Ranges. 

Per the Arizona State Land Departments’ rules for access, Epic Rides needs all people attending the event to camp within 24 Hour Town‘s designated camping area. Please do not camp in areas marked with “no camping beyond this point”. Please comply with Epic Rides staff and signage in order to make sure everyone fits in the area provided as well as to assure we don’t cause unnecessary impact to Willow Springs Ranch lands. If you are not sure where you are camping is appropriate please find a representative from Epic Rides to verify.

If you choose to camp in non-camping areas you and your team will be disqualified and asked to leave town immediately. This is a zero tolerance request as those who break the rules put the existence of the entire event in jeopardy.

Please only utilize the space necessary for you and your team, and be prepared to modify your footprint accordingly if it’s going to help a neighbor get situated a little easier. If you’re going to bring an RV, please make sure you get optimal utility out of it, one RV per team. Not per person. Follow?

Campsites are first come, first served. Please refrain from taping off camping spaces.
Additionally, all fires must be above ground (no fire pits!), limited to a 3′ diameter circle, and away from generators. Epic Rides suggests utilizing an oil pan, chiminea or barbecue grill to stoke your campsite at this year’s event. A dumpster for your coal is available on Epic Rides Expressway for your convenience.

Your cooperation is extremely appreciated (and 100% necessary). A final note on this topic, keep in mind personnel from Arizona State Land and Pinal County will be on-site supervising. Don’t be “that guy” with the oversized fire pit located next to your generator and an RV per person on the team. That’s inconsiderate.

24 Hour Town Camping Fee Schedules

Event weekend camp fees for participants are included in the registration fee. Non-riding attendees are required to pay $5 at the entrance.

ALL attendees (riding & non-riding) are required to donate 2 canned goods at the entrance.

Early Campsite “Reservation”: February 11 – 17, 2019

Includes early arrival and drop off opportunity.

Camping Type Price Canned Goods
Tent (including roof-top tents) $20 2 canned goods/person
RV/Large Vehicles (including pop-up campers) = 30′ or less $60 2 canned goods/person
RV/Large Vehicles = 31′ or more $60 72 canned goods (6 cases) total*

Event Weekend Fees: February 15 – 17, 2019

Participants who paid for early camping will not be charged again

Type Price Canned Goods
Non-Participants $5 2 canned good
Tent (including roof-top tents) Included with registration 2 canned goods/person
RV/Large Vehicles (including pop-up campers) = 30′ or less $30 2 canned goods/person
RV/Large Vehicles = 31′ or more $30 72 canned goods (6 cases) total*
Volunteers No charge 2 can goods/person (encouraged but not required)

*Why do large RVs/Vehicles have to bring 70 more cans than everyone else? This is our way of encouraging smaller vehicles, thereby respecting the environment by reducing crowding and keeping the 24 Hour Town footprint to a minimum.

Friendly Reminder – Attendees that choose to drop off an RV or trailer are required to accept any & all responsibility associated with leaving their belongings unattended.

Black/Grey Water PumpingStamback Septic offers RV waste removal for $40/pumping

RV Rentals

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